Top Tips for Choosing a Family Medical Centre

Are you new in Brisbane and in search of a good family medical centre? Or do you just want to change the clinic you’ve been going to? Whichever the case, looking for a new family medical clinic in Brisbane can be stressful. First, there are so many family clinics around which makes it harder to narrow down to just one suitable one. And second, many of them seem to provide excellent services making it difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. Nevertheless, it is essential to find a good family clinic that can provide reliable medical care for you and your family. It is important to start your search early enough since you’ll have no time to compare places when faced by a medical emergency. Here are some great tips to help you find a good medical centre in Brisbane.

Family Clinic

Decide What is Important for You

Before you set out on your search, write down the qualities that you deem important in a doctor. They may include personality traits you liked in your last family doctor and qualities that you’d like to avoid. For instance, a doctor who listens to your concerns, explains treatments plans, as well as medical expectations and decisions, should be included in your list. But of course, top on your list should be training and certification requirements of the doctor.

Consider Major Personal and Logistical Factors

The location of your family medical clinic is a major factor to consider. Is the clinic conveniently located? Also, do their working hours rhyme with your family schedule? Is it possible to visit the clinic any time of the day? The last thing you want is to drive your sick child to the hospital just to find that the doctor is not in. If you reside in Windsor, look for a good Windsor medical centre.

Find Out the Family Health Services They Provide

Some services might be more important to you than others. For instance, if you have a particular medical condition, you need a family clinic that can address it. A good clinic will provide a list of their services on their website. But you need to get details of these services. They could be providing post-natal and pre-natal care, but do they perform a Cesarian section?

Look for Warning Signs

Another important thing to do is to take note of anything that raises a red flag. Do this during your first visit. How clean is the clinic environment? How long did you have to wait before seeing the doctor? How do the staff talk to patients? Was there eye contact between you and the doctor? If you feel uncomfortable, it might be better to find another family clinic before it’s too late. Check out at

Don’t Fear to Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask the questions you have not obtained answers for. You may schedule an appointment to interview your doctor. Most Brisbane family medical centres allow for interviews so you don’t have to be afraid to ask for one. In such sessions, you may ask about the experience of the doctor with your type of condition. How many such patients does he attend to in a week? What are his achievements treating the condition?